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Frequently Asked Questions

This section has information about commonly asked questions. There are factsheets that deal with everyday concerns such as getting a good night's sleep and relaxing, as well as factsheets about more specific issues such as flying and musical hallucinations.

Key to managing your tinnitus is understanding that it is likely to be a symptom of something else. This could be from an illness such as a virus, the result of being exposed to noise, trauma as in an accident or from a stressful situation. It can help to have a story for why you have tinnitus. It is because I was very ill with an infection, I was standing next to a firework that exploded or I am going through a relationship breakup and work is all too much. If you can begin to explain 'the why', then identifying a possible cause helps towards finding a way to manage your tinnitus.

Having tinnitus should not stop you enjoying life or prevent you from doing what you have always done. It may mean that you might avoid some situations or take precautions such as ear plugs at a concert or fireworks. Some say you should regard the tinnitus as a 'loyal friend', it will tell you if things are not quite right with yourself.

Advice often suggests that having a better lifestyle helps reduce stress and hence the awareness of tinnitus. Using a diary to record situations that raises your awareness of tinnitus can help you manage situations. If this is work based, then recent Equality of Work Laws can be used to help you ask your employer for consideration of your working conditions.

The factsheets include:

  • Tinnitus and a healthy lifestyle
  • Sound therapy
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Changing perceptions of tinnitus
  • Distraction techniques
  • Inducing Sleep

If you allow yourself to continually think about your Tinnitus, it will make it seem more troublesome. Distraction can be a very useful way of coping with anxiety-provoking thoughts and feelings...

Flying comes high on the list of anxieties of people suffering from tinnitus and deafness. Most of these anxieties are unfounded and come from the universal experience of discomfort in the ears...

Some people experience what is called