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My thoughts - Picture This

I have put my thoughts into a poem.  Visualisation a powerful method in stress relief.


By Audrey Carlin


Picture yourself as you would like to be,

Happy and hopeful and so carefree,

Strolling along a beautiful lane,

A rainbow above after gentle rain.


Picture yourself in a garden of flowers,

A beautiful place to while away the hours,

Surrounded by colour so vivid and clear,

A moment to treasure and to hold most dear.


Picture yourself watching birds on the wing,

Filling the air as they whistle and sing,

Watching the bumble bee flitting from flower to flower,

A peaceful way to spend an hour.


Picture yourself by a gentle stream,

As your mind relaxes, drift and dream,

Enjoy the beauty that is all around,

The sights and sounds of nature abound.


Picture yourself in the warmth of the evening sun,

As you relax and enjoy after your day’s work is done,

Reflecting on life’s many happy days,

As you focus your mind in a thoughtful gaze.


Whenever you feel unable to cope,

Whatever the reason don’t sit and mope,

Picture yourself and relax a while,

Take this journey to bring back your smile.