The Tinnitus support group will help you to understand your emotional reactions to tinnitus (which may be stress and anxiety) and will help you to retrain your responses to it, and give you advice on ways to manage your tinnitus. As well as providing advice and information about tinnitus, we are here to listen. Talking to someone about any anxieties you may have about tinnitus and any distress it may cause, can be therapeutic in itself. We offer a range of support and advice services.

·         Information and advice about Tinnitus

·         Access to lay counselling and one-to-one support

·         Personalised letter in response to each new enquiry

·         Access to Group Workshops

·         Self-help fact sheets including managing stress and relaxation techniques

We hold meetings at the Badger of Brockwell, Chesterfield.  Some are soup and socials with interesting speakers, other meetings focus on understanding Tinnitus and learning to live well with the condition; all meetings give new members an opportunity to share any concerns or ask questions. The focus is on self help, support and management.

If you wish to become a member you will receive:

  • Ongoing support
  • Regular meetings
  • Regular magazines
  • Continued access to lay counselling and Group Workshops
  • Signposting to the appropriate pathway through the hospital system and additional support from Senior Audiologists

Contact is on 07821 132234

To find out more about our group, please watch this short video


Membership Form Download:






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