New App for Tinnitus

Tinnibot App for Tinnitus

Tinnibot – all sounds a bit space age but during the pandemic we have been thrown into a world of technology.  Furthermore, Jodie Rogers, one of the Senior Specialist Audiologists at Chesterfield Royal Hospital said it is worth looking at.  The Tinnibot was introduced at the BTA conference at a talk Audrey and I were unable to attend because of other commitments.   However, the videos are available for some time so I went back to listen to it.

At the present time, whilst trials are underway, the Tinnibot is free – if you go to you can register and receive a referral code to be able to open the Tinnibot app.  The App is available on iphone and android.

So, what is Tinnibot?

Tinnibot is a companion for Tinnitus relief.  Its aim is to:

  • Reduce stress
  • Enhance Wellbeing
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Help to sleep better
  • Give a greater sense of Self

The Tinnibot app was designed by a field of experts including input from tinnitus patients. It aims to offer personalised support in a safe way whilst complying with data protection regulations.

Tinnibot has an 8-week programme to follow and covers: 

  • Knowledge about Tinnitus
  • Changing perception using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to re-frame your perception
  • Dealing with negative thoughts about tinnitus
  • Relaxation and meditation using mindfulness
  • Sleep better

There are also podcasts on the App as well as a transcript for anyone with hearing loss.

There is a calendar and journal to show your progress and create a gratitude journal if you wish.

There is also a chat function on Tinnibot – hence the idea that Tinnibot is your companion with tinnitus.  You can tell Tinnibot how you are feeling and what your worries are.  We were given a demonstration on the video and the presenter typed in that he was worried that with tinnitus he would not be able to live a normal life.  Tinnibot tries to understand how this is making you feel.  It will then provide a list of information that may help for example – Tinnibot may identify that this is catastrophising or give more understanding about how to identify negative thoughts and how to refrain your thoughts in a positive way.  These thoughts then can be added to your personal journal.  

If you are interested why not try it out, at the moment it is free.

On registering you will be asked a few questions about how bothersome your tinnitus is and will establish tinnitus goals with you.