Tips for staying positive

Helen Jeffery first came to know about the group in 2012 when she started with Tinnitus. Helen is also a professional career life coach and trainer and we asked her to put some tips together for staying positive over this very different and difficult time. Helen has put together a fantastic presentation and video which contains some useful tips for us all.

Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

In a survey by the British Tinnitus Association 6 out of 10 people reported difficulty sleeping with Tinnitus. We are pleased to announce thanks to Chesterfield Health and Wellbeing Small grants scheme we have a wealth of resources, books and information to loan and share to help get a Good Night’s Sleep with Tinnitus. To find out more come along to our event on 6th April at Monkey Park, Brampton Chesterfield 1pm – 3pm

Members Poetry Books for sale

The Poetry Buzz book has arrived! A compilation of poems written by group members, with the theme of wellbeing and mindfulness, has now been printed thanks to the support of Thompsons Solicitors. We will be selling the books at future events at the bargain price of £2 – all proceeds will go to the support group. If you can’t make it to an event but would like us to post one, please send a cheque for £2.50 (the extra 50p to cover postage) payable to Chesterfield Tinnitus Support to 34 Glumangate, Chesterfield, S40 1TX. Alternatively, you can call in at the office and pick one up – call 01246 380415 to check that we are here.

Stress and Tinnitus

Can you be involved with a research study?

Tinnitus and stress Stress is known to have an impact on health, and is linked to tinnitus. For example, people who have more severe tinnitus report a higher level of stress and more stress symptoms than those who had milder tinnitus. Some people also link the start of their tinnitus with the occurrence of a stressful event. But it is not clear whether tinnitus acts as a stressor, or stress leads to or makes tinnitus worse. At the NIHR Nottingham BRC (University of Nottingham), PhD student Asma Elarbed is conducting research to answer this question. She is measuring “cortisol” which is an important human hormone that is released by the “adrenal gland” in response to stress. She is comparing the level of cortisol (from hair sample) in people who have tinnitus with those who do not have tinnitus, and before and after tinnitus starts. This will tell us more about the biology of tinnitus. She is also looking at issues that relate to stress and tinnitus, namely depression, anxiety, memory, and attention, to determine how all these factors relate to each other. If you would like to participate or to know more, contact Asma Elarbed at this email:

Wellbeing Walks

In conjunction with Walking for Health we are organising a series of Wellbeing Walks.  The walks will last 30 – 90 minutes and are suitable for most walking abilities. 

Look out for our next wellbeing walk coming soon

The walks are open for anyone who needs to walk for health and not just people diagnosed with Tinnitus.   The Walks are a great way to meet new people, have a chat, laugh and help to get fit.     Sponsored by the Community Fund.

Coffee and Chat

Join us for a Coffee and Chat at Monkey Park Community Cafe, 128a Chester Street, Brampton, Chesterfield, S40 1DN on Monday 6th April 2020 from 1pm – 3pm

The Cafe is not open to the public and so if you have recently been diagnosed with Tinnitus or suffering from ringing in the ears or head, this is a great meeting to come along meet our members, in a relaxed and friendly environment.  There will be an opportunity to ask questions, share experiences or concerns as well as chat to people who understand the condition.  Please feel free to bring along a partner, relative or friend.  Tea, coffee and biscuits will be served.    Parking is on the road.


The Poetry Buzz

Thanks to money from Five Ways to Wellbeing we were able to introduce our Poetry Buzz workshops.  These were fun and interactive and everyone was brave enough to share their work and supportive and encouraging to each other.  Many were surprised at their poetic achievements.  The project won most innovative project at the Voluntary Sector Awards in 2018

Thanks to Derbyshire Voluntary Action – Small Grants Scheme  we were able to secure money to continue these workshops.

We meet every month at Loundsley Green Community Centre, Cuttholme Road, Loundsley Green, Chesterfield S40 4QU from 1.45pm – 4.00pm.

The themes this year relate to our memories

Poetry written by our members

February  – Wednesday 26th  – A stitch in Time

March  – Wednesday 25th – Food Glorious Food

April – Wednesday 29th- Sugar and Spice

May/June – Wednesday 3rd June – Buses, Trains and Automobilies

July – Wednesday 22nd  – Rummage in the Toy Box

August – Wednesday 26th – On the Screen

September – Wednesday 30th – All dolled up

October – Wednesday 28th – Keeping it Clean

November – Wednesday 25th – Christmas Past

The feedback was all very positive.

The following question was asked “Three words that sum up how the Poetry Buzz has made you feel”

“Happy, Uplifted, Relaxed”

“Inspired, Happy, Joyful”

“Positive, Fun, Encouraged.”

Wellbeing Workshops

Our Wellbeing Workshops will begin again in September.

Understanding tinnitus and the perception of tinnitus is important in helping people to learn how to manage the condition. Within our Tinnitus Wellbeing Workshops we promote understanding of the mechanisms of tinnitus in a way that is easy to comprehend.   Peer support is important and the workshops provide this in a relaxed atmosphere. We have developed a range of support techniques and strategies that will help people to manage stress, not only to tinnitus but also other situations in life .

The Tinnitus Wellbeing Workshops run as a set of 4 which will take place at Loundsley Green Community Centre, Cuttholme Road, Loundsley Green, Chesterfield S40 4QU from 1.30pm – 4.00pm dates for 2020 to be confirmed.  However, if you are interested please give us a call so we can put you on the list for 2020.

The workshops will be for a small group of people, they are really interactive and friendly allowing everyone to share their experiences, ask questions and learn from each other.

If you would like more information about the workshops or how to find the venue please contact Joanne on or telephone on 01246 380415

Feedback from our workshops

“As a result of the workshops I have made changes and communicated better with the family and in social situations”

“The course has made me think about how Tinnitus has affected me.”

Soup and Socials at the Badger

Wednesday 18th March 2020  11am – 1pm

Soup and Social at the Badger Pub, 81 Brockwell Lane Brockwell Lane, Chesterfield, S40 4ED

This will be a the first of our Feel Free talks, where our members, committee and supporters can share a topic they are interested in.  Many of our members have other hobbies, have led interesting lives and we would like to find out more about you.  Our Co-ordinator – Joanne Gordon will give a talk about Chesterfield Theatre Company Formerly Chesterfield Playgoers, as well as informing you about their forthcoming production.

Previous meetings