Book Review – The Comfort Book by Matt Haig


Matt Haig is the number one best seller and has written many books including ‘The Midnight Library’, ‘Reasons to Stay Alive’ and ‘Notes on a Nervous Planet’.  In his early twenties Matt suffered a nervous breakdown.  This book includes some of his reflections, messages of hope and wisdom he learnt in his darkest moments.

Purple pages

The front cover for me is a joy, I loved picking up a brightly coloured book which reminds me of ‘blue and green spaces’ and the sky at night. In essence the beauty of nature.  Even the pages have a purple edging.

An understanding Friend

I did find parts of the book a bit repetitive in the key messages.  However, that could have been divisive, when we are most in need of comfort, we need constant reminding that there is hope and we don’t have to strive to be the best.  We are enough as we are.  Furthermore, as Matt says in his introduction, the book doesn’t need to be read linear or as a continual read, it can be picked up anytime you need ‘comfort’.  It certainly hits that brief, you do feel that Matt Haig is an understanding friend. It is clear that Matt’s own experience has influenced his writing.


The book is packed with hope, affirmations, philosophical wisdom, a poem and human interest.  For me Matt Haig’s memories and the other inspirational stories makes the book well worth reading.  It also makes you smile as well as wanting to compile your own playlist and feel-good movies.

The recipe for peanut butter reminds me of the recipe for ice-cream, included in a collection of hand written recipes by friends given to me as a wedding present, yet more evidence of why books and this one in particular feels like talking to a friend.