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I have not Time for Tinnitus - Muriel's Blog

medium_Muriel 3.JPG

I have no time for Tinnitus, for I'm as busy as a bee

living life to the full, like a bird that's been set free.

You came into my life and left me in such a mess

until I realised that paying you attention was heightening my stress.

So I will suppress you, compress you and ignore you, until you set me free

Muriel's Blog

It is now some 15 months since I was diagnosed with Tinnitus.

Letters to my Tinnitus

Following a mindfulness workshop session and learning to be compassionate to ourselves, support group members were asked to write a letter to their tinnitus. 


Dear tinnitus


Although I would prefer that you are not in my life, I have come to realise that we are now a partnership!

I can choose to be miserable for the rest of my life, or I can accept you will always be there, so I will take that on board, but I will not let you control me.

Rachael' Story

Rachael's Story medium_Rachael.jpg


There was nothing subtle about the onset of my condition. One evening, home from work, I was sitting in my bedroom when I became irritated by what I thought was the radiators whistling and hissing.


I wondered if there was a problem with my boiler. But the more I listened to the increasingly loud sound the more a sense of dread set in. 


My thoughts - Picture This

I have put my thoughts into a poem.  Visualisation a powerful method in stress relief.


By Audrey Carlin


Picture yourself as you would like to be,

Happy and hopeful and so carefree,

Strolling along a beautiful lane,

A rainbow above after gentle rain.


Picture yourself in a garden of flowers,

A beautiful place to while away the hours,

Surrounded by colour so vivid and clear,

A moment to treasure and to hold most dear.

Tinnitus can be life-changing - for the better!

medium_Audrey.jpgThe fact that I make the statement that "tinnitus can be life changing" may be obvious - however, the life change can be for the better if you allow it to be. Whilst recently recuperating from my hip replacement, I have been reading lots of material I have collected over the years and reflecting on my own experiences of tinnitus. Within a lifetime, we all have to learn to adapt to change; nothing remains the same - this is inevitable.

Managing my tinnitus: Greg Hart

In January 2007 I was hospitalised with an illness that effectively brought my career to an end. The choice was simple: change one’s lifestyle or continue to have health issues. Fortunately I was able to take early retirement, albeit with the legacy of the illness. Although I can provide a story that comforts me about how and why I became ill and how it has affected me since, it may not be a complete explanation.

My story: Audrey Carlin, North Derbyshire Tinnitus Group

This is my story of how I have managed my Tinnitus. It was twenty-five years’ ago and at that time there was not a local Support Group where you could talk through your feelings to people with a positive attitude. Also there was very little information available about Tinnitus.

Welcome to the North Derbyshire Tinnitus Support Group

Welcome to the Blog page of the North Derbyshire Tinnitus Support Group. We have
provided advice and support for those experiencing tinnitus for over 20 years. We are a voluntary group and
work independently, although we are fortunate to be linked to the Derbyshire TRUST network.