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I have no time for Tinnitus, for I’m as busy as a bee

living life to the full, like a bird that’s been set free.

You came into my life and left me in such a mess

until I realised that paying you attention was heightening my stress.

So I will suppress you, compress you and ignore you, until you set me free

for there is one thing you can be sure of, you will not feast on me.


I have no time for Tinnitus. I refuse to let you intervene

and strongly refute that you’ll prevent me from being the person I’ve always been.

Though we’ll always be together – I fully understand,

but be sure of one thing – that I will not allow you to take the upper hand!

There is life after Tinnitus, while as yet no cure has been found –

if we manage our condition and remain positive, we can turn our lives around.

Like the soldier back from battle, the war has left him lame.

He picks up the pieces and goes forward, so we must do the same.


I have no time for Tinnitus, so I’ll ignore you all I can.

You are very prevalent and the blight of many a man.

We must always remember that life is for living.

Tho’ events can beset us which are quite unforgiving.

So we must stay with the moment and never look back,

keep the present in mind so that we remain on track.

The future is for tomorrow – the past already gone.


So Tinnitus sufferers everywhere let us each and every one –

state, that we have no time for Tinnitus, with one united voice

for if we grasp the help that’s out there, then we do have a choice.

Finally, our message to Tinnitus – to leave you in no doubt

that our aim will always be – to try and stamp you out!

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